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im talkin to the ceiling [dear diary...|archive|friends|erika*s info]
*erika dawn

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2 lazy to title this [Mar. 14th, 2005|09:40 pm]
*erika dawn
sry for the loss of attention to this...im really wrapepd up in myspace so ive been updatin my blog on there, so i dont really come here n e mroe.


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all the small things.... [Feb. 23rd, 2005|01:54 pm]
*erika dawn
[im feelin this |happyhappy]
[is anybody listenin |[[i dont kno wut its called >.<]]BLINK182]

In an announcement from its record label that stopped short of saying the punk-pop trio had disbanded, the group was described as being "on indefinite hiatus."

Television viewers may recognize "hiatus" as an old network term meaning "when your favorite show gets canceled, but nobody has the heart to tell you to your face."

Befitting Blink-182's newly murky status, Geffen Records said there was no timetable for the band to start being a band again.

"No one knows what tomorrow may bring," the label said in a statement.

Rumors of Blink-182's demise were sparked when the group was a last-minute scratch, along with Ozzy Osbourne, at a tsunami-relief benefit concert Friday in Anaheim, California. Osbourne's absence was explained as being prompted by a "family emergency"; Blink-182's was chalked up to "unforeseen circumstances."

A rep for Geffen confirmed that the "unforeseen circumstances" was the band's unraveling. There weren't details as to what went down, only that after rehearsals the word hiatus began being bandied about.

The official story is that guitarist/singer Tom DeLonge, 29, bassist Mark Hoppus, 32, and drummer Travis Barker, 29, want to spend time "enjoying the fruits of their labors with loved ones."

"For over a decade, Blink-182 has toured, recorded and promoted non-stop all while trying to balance relationships with family and friends," Geffen Records said.

Founded in San Diego in the early 1990s as Blink with original drummer Scott Raynor, the retitled band made its major label debut in 1999 with Enema of the State. The album was the unofficial soundtrack of skate parks everywhere, spawning the sometimes-jokey, always-catchy hit singles "All the Small Things," "Adam's Song" and "What's My Age Again."

Two more studio albums have followed for the tattooed trio: 2001's Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, and 2003's self-titled release. Last summer, the band headlined a tour with fellow Southern California rockers No Doubt.

Barker, who joined the band in 1998, already has a side project set. He'll debut in April in the new MTV reality series Meet the Barkers, about him, his beauty queen wife and their children.

If the show does well, don't expect the word hiatus to come up anytime soon.

ive been hearin that song nonstop cuz im playin DonkeyKonga and i wanna beat it on that song

n e hoo.

last nite i was talkin to shaughn...it was an interesting convo if i do say so myself...and i do. i think hes been readin my journal or somethin cuz i said hi to him and he sed u LOVE garrett....i think that was a tad bit random but ok. but ya so i love garrett and shaughn and emily so hardy frickin har.

my arms are relly really sore from the game but its so addicting!!

haha i thought this was funny lol.

Claudette: I just seen a huge spider come out of the closet
John: so he finally addmited he was gay?

i cant wait to see my baby ^^ shes so pretty and cute and i lo0o0ove her.

well sinse i dont think n e one even reads this except emily, and this IS my journal...i can say what ever i want and it hink im gonna post this just for my sake so i can look back and remember....

i like girls too

and ive kinda been like this for a while just been hidin it...haha n e one wanna guess how long?.....nope...nope....8 years lol....i always was a little odd and different then everyone >.<

ya...i sed it...so what u candy ass


You scored as Unipolar Depression. Congraulations! You are depressed! You know just how it feels to bear all the world's burdens, and the value of a 19-hour night's sleep. And you really hate that circle-guy thing on your Zoloft pill packets.


Unipolar Depression


Eating Disorders


Borderline Personality Disorder


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Antisocial Personality Disorder




Which mental disorder do you have?
created with QuizFarm.com








¤|| R U A PSYCHO?? ||¤
created with QuizFarm.com

[[LATER 10:10]]

ho...ly...cow...i have to wake up in the MORNING 2morrow and be like dressed and shyt. crazi...so n e hoo...

2morrow i am goin to hang out with bridget and other ppl she sed which is why i need to be awake. luckily for me, jenna went to Dot tonite so i can actually go out 2morrow, cuz i think julie will be working and kevins at work now and i dont think hell be back till friday. o boy..other people...i am definately NOT a people person...this should be interesting.

oooooh! shaughn sed the pic i have up on myspace.com is a really good one...*SCEJF2786: that is a really good pic of u in myspace* see? he did say that. a haha haha happy happy.

ooh im not ugly either so hardy frickin har all u ppl who think i am!

i didnt think n e one actually read this but shaughn was earlier and pointin out EVERYthing wrong with it and myspace thingie.

o speakin of shaughn he is gettin a tattoo tonite, a celtic cross i believe he sed, that should be cool. stupid old people havin all the fun, jeez.

Gelica came over here earlier...she was dressed like a man LMAO.

wow i gotta go to bed soon! jeez, gettin up in the morning what was i thinking/



i saw u again and again and again theres no room to move on to move on to move on i saw u again and again and again how do we fix this if we never invision(or at least i think thats wut he says...)
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Blink [Feb. 22nd, 2005|10:31 pm]
*erika dawn
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good mornin! [Feb. 22nd, 2005|01:19 pm]
*erika dawn
[im feelin this |goodgood]
[is anybody listenin |[[SOS]]GOODCHARLOTTE]

hello people how r we today? im just peachy o yes i am. i just got up like 19 minutes ago but so far my day is lovely.
this stupid puffer fish keeps lookin at me, like he wants to...kill me or something.

wow last nite me n jenna were so bored, we took stuffed animals and gave them all names of real ppl (me, jessi, shaughn, garrett, ect) and we acted out situations that happened with them, like the funny ones and shyt. then i sang some family guy songs with them.

i had a really weird dream last nite, i had a turtle tank, and we made it so he had a water fall, but it went into wicked cold water, and garrett decided to try it out but the water was so cold u like froze up, and the current carried him away and me and shaughn tried to save him but we couldnt, and everynight we went outside to wait for him to come home, but he never did...BUT then 4 days later he did, but a guy was chasin him, and i was like YAY GARRETTS BACK! but then, the guy walked up to him and shot him right in the heart and he died, right in front of me. and me and shaughn were like OMG U KILLED HIM AAAHHH but then he turned into a ghostie and he never left us again and nothing back ever happened to him ever again...ya it was a weird one.

im so bored, im talkin to Shaughn and Bridget, but noone really talkin, so its all like blah ful.

well im hungry so im off to find food


[[LATER 10:13]]

*screams* blink 182 is over this fuckin blows i LOVE THEM!

earlier me and jenna made a kickass cake, it was good even though i kinda ruined it. later this week, like thursday or friday or saturday or sunday i am hangin out with Bridget, so that will be fun sinse ihavent dont n e thing sinse ive been here. uhh....i guess thats all. later

earlier i had that feelin i get when somethin really good or bad is gonna happen and now its gone, cuz i just found that out, blink is over, that fucking sux ass jesus!

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2 lazy to title this [Feb. 21st, 2005|09:53 pm]
*erika dawn
[im feelin this |bouncy]

didnt do much today make plaster shit with jenna, so that should be cool when they dry. i went to the store and got some OJ and guess wut my cramps went awat, cool huh?

well i guess all that i have left to say is HA FUCKING HA!
wished DO come true ^.^

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took some quizzes on Quizilla.com [Feb. 20th, 2005|11:50 pm]
*erika dawn

You are the bad boy / girl of your school. You have little faith in yourself and usually find escape in some sort of addicting substance or yourself. You would rather torture others above anything else. You regularly skip school and when you go, always tend to ditch a certain class. Some classmates can fear you while others pity you...and your family. (No offense) Your cruel behavior and abject personality tends to single you out from the crowd...and you prefer life this way at times. However, lonliness can rear its ugly head and force you seek a way to silence it. But be warned, your path is dangerous... but only a strong person can walk this road.

Some ideal occupations for you can be a Police officer, Celebrity (who doesn't love the badasses?), Wrestler, Polotician, or some sort of leader. Either way, your destined to be known by many.


Sometimes you might feel like you just want to escape! sometimes u feel like there might be no point living! Alot of people get this feeling. Most times youd like to be on your own and away from people. You would be cold towards others, its probably because you just cant trust anyone. Maybe you should loosen up a bit and find som1 you can trust

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eehh too much family guy...naaah u can never have too much! [Feb. 20th, 2005|10:22 pm]
*erika dawn
[im feelin this |hornyhorny]
[is anybody listenin |hick-a-doo-la...]


*im gonna grab my girl and head to the beach..HICK-A-DOO-LA!
*we're gonna all hang 10 and maybe then..HICK-A-DOO-LA!
*cuz imma hick-a-doo-la boy! and imma hick-a-doo-la girl!
*and together it is a hick-a-doo-la world..HICK-A-DOO-LA!
*mr. quagmyer (sp?) what does hick-a-doo-la mean?
*hick-a-doo-la's that feel u get when ur with ur best gal!
*its cheerin for the hometeam!
*its chatchin the perfect wave!
*its obeying ALL the rules

thats been in my head forever...

i feel like crap. i have the worst cramps in the world, and i am so tired, even tho i just woke up from a nap. im thirsty, even tho i have a cup of water. idk...

were back from NH. i didnt do much. i beat jenna at pool 4 times! i can never beat anybody cuz i suck so bad. but im gettin better, and my HJ techniqe is workin lol.

ooh, i found out shaughn IS going to Iraq, at the end of the year i think...-.- i dont want him to go, what if somethin happens? i dont know what id do with myself....i wish we would stop fightin with ppl, so many ppl are dying, and its so sad (except when the Iraq ppl die and shyt, dam them all to hell!)

ive always hated it when people hated me before they knew me....and here i am, wishin to all hell that this girl, who ive never met in my life, would die. i feel like if she was gone, id stand a chance again...and maybe just a little bit, i am a tad bit jealous of her, and i think shes the luckiest person alive.

somehow, i miss something and feel like i lost somethin....when i never even had it...im not sure thats even possible but, maybe it is.

i wish there was a way to erase things...like say i wanted to erase garrett for example....they hooked me up to somethin, and sed think about him and what ever peices of my brain lit up, they killed, that way there'd be nothing left of him. and you could do that to what ever you wanted. i wish it was real, id be able to erase so much shit....i bet id be happier. in a way....i kinda wish i could erase garrett....i mean, i luv him more then n e thing (why? i do not know...) but sometimes i feel like if i never met him and knew him, i wouldnt be so stressed out by having something i want so badly, around and there, when i know, nothing in the world could give it to me. but then again, if he was never there, i might not even be alive right now....i cant exactly say that'd be a bad thing tho...being dead, maybe better, but then again...ive realized that if i had killed myself last christmas (not the one that just passed the one before that) then i never would have seen Samantha, the brightest light in my life right now...never of really gotten to be good friends with garrett...still be kissless....and then if i called myself n e of the other times....more that id never get....i mean, its hard to make it to each day, but ever once in a while, something so great happens, and it makes all that pain worth it....im just afraid nothing good will ever happen to me again -.- ive lost the best thing in my life, yes i have it back sorta, but what can ever replace that? idk....

to someone and u dont know who....
i hope shes a fuckin bitch and makes u so misrible and lies to u and all kinda of other shyt
sry...i really needed to get that off my chest....its like everytime i read somethin...its everywhere...i love u i love u to, o jesus stfu. o.o

i have this really weird craving for...no, not pizza...no...will u shut up! for......hand cuffs and pointy teeth lmao.

and now i leave u with one more song in my head...

*j-j-just like the bad guy, on lethal weapon 2, ive got diplomatic immunity, so hammer you cant sue. i can write grafitti even jaywalk in the street, i can riot loot, not give a hoot, and touch your sisters teet CANT TOUCH ME! CANT TOUCH ME! (what in gods name is he doing?) CANT TOUCH ME! (i believe its the worm) STOP! peter time! imma big shot, thers no doubt, light a fire and pee it out, dont like it? kiss my rump, just for a minute lets all do the bump...CANT TOUCH ME! yea..do the peter griffin bump CANT TOUCH ME! im presidental peter, interns think im hot, dont care if ur handy capped, ill still park in your spot, ive been around the world, from heartford to backbay, its peter, go peter, MC peter, yo peter, lets see regis rap this way CANT TOUCH ME!......

....except you, you can touch me


[[LATER 3:16]]

ooh fuck i have really bad cramps....ive never had this much pain in my life

im so sad, so empty, so misrible, so blah....will i ever be happy again? i would say no
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random thoughts [Feb. 19th, 2005|08:00 pm]
*erika dawn
dont make fun of my random thoughts...this is my journal i can write whatever i want....

-vampires r hott (dont ask)

-i have this weird thing for chains, handcuffs, whips, and vampire teeth

idk...just needed that out
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2 lazy to title this [Feb. 19th, 2005|11:02 am]
*erika dawn
[im feelin this |crappycrappy]
[is anybody listenin |[[trouble]]BONNIE MCKEE]

hey ppl.

nm happenin today, i think we're goin to the movies later, so see hitch or are we there yet, so that will be fun.

i feel like crap, i only slept for like 4 hours, and im awake and i feel gross and i wanna take a shower but im not cuz i dont like takin showers in random houses.

last nite was kinda fun. me n jenna slept on an air matress, but it had a hole so i woke up on the floor. i was so tired, i kept laughin for no reason, but then i decided to sleep but jenna wouldnt shut up so that didnt work to well for me.

i just watched Sharketale, that was funny.

im talkin to shaughn, he sed hes in southie but i think hes full of baloney cuz last nite he sed he wasnt commin back for a while but idk.

i emailed garrett last nite, oh it was a good one, very long too. hes not mad at me, but i guess that doesnt mean hes gonna talk to me or n e thing. i was talkin to him earlier but then the comp froze and he got offline.

im so cold. my heads itchy cuz its cold out. and i have no freakin servis in NH. i bet its cuz im in the middle of nowhere.

thats all for now


[[LATER 7:40]]

just got back from the movies, we went to see hitch. it was good, but i expected it to be more funny, but i liked it. the kids behind me kept kickin my chair i wanted to fucking kill them!
*sigh*we gotta stay here again for one more night, i really dont want to but its really not a choice thing. o well i guess ill live. me and jenna have a bouncy ball maker kit and a picture frame thingie, so that will be some entertainment.
i might go play pool later but they make fun of me cuz of the way i use the stick. i cant do it like everyone else so i close my hand around it and push it out....every is relating my pool playin to a handjob lmao but thats ok i suppose. k im outties

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2 lazy to title this [Feb. 18th, 2005|11:52 pm]
*erika dawn
[im feelin this |boredbored]

i wish i could erase everything from my memory...move somewhere new....and never look back.

im so sick of everything i cant take this shit n e more...wtf am i supposed to do noone talks to me in all alone

i feel like im gona die...just break down and die...i cant do this n e more
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